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First came the decision -- we would start a business based on our Active Wellness lifestyle. I had created an herbal formula a year or so prior and already had a lot of interest from patients, here and abroad. Our passions were in this direction.

Second came the list. We wrote every step needed to start this business and make it a success on a huge “Post It” note on the door of our little office inside our little apartment and brainstormed. From designing a web site to Incorporating to improving the appearance of the label, we listed items that needed to be completed. We edited, re-wrote, added, subtracted and after many hours and a few arguments, completed the list. For now.

Lastly, we delegated. Lisa was a master organizer, great with people and the most creative person I know. I would handle the web site, promotion and label re-design. We used our talents and recognized our weaknesses. She had the peanut butter and I had the chocolate. Together, we had a tasty plan.

After completing all of these tasks and more (within a 72 hour period), we received an order. Not just a regular 1 or 3 bottle order, an order that would generate a profit of $40,000. We wanted a clear message that we were on the right path. A little sign or something. Needless to say. . .

We started early each day, looking at our Post It list and tackling each and every project. The corporate papers were filed, the web site was up and the label looked great. There was a great sense of satisfaction with every item we checked off the list.

Orders trickled in.

Then a steady flow.

Then the river was at full force.

In less than 2 years, our little venture, my anti aging formula, was now in 20 something countries and we were on our way to creating the life of our dreams.

Somewhere in between learning the nuances of java script and getting the right packaging, we learned the most powerful lessons of our lives.


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