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Hgh-Plus™ Clinical Trials: Commentary

The clinical results from Hgh Plus™ proved consistent; that is, all participants showed a significant increased level of Somatomedin C after taking the product. It should be noted that unlike others, there was NO screening of candidates to find the "ideal." To determine effectiveness over short, medium and longer time periods, various time frames were purposefully chosen.

As expected, the percentage of HGH increase was quite variable also. Possible rational for the variation includes but is not limited to the following:

1. Genetics. Given the diverse background of each participant, genetic factors are likely to play a part when any human growth hormone or other testing is involved, be it nutritional or pharmaceutical.

2. Level of health. Each participant in this clinical trial was a volunteer and there was no "screening" of participants. Thus, the aforementioned individuals had a variety of health challenges. It should be noted that these individuals did not ingest any other supplements, nor make dietary or exercise adjustments.

3. Gut permeability. Some of the participants were experiencing digestive disturbances such as Leaky Gut Syndrome prior to volunteering for this study. As such, the initial levels of absorption would have a tendency to vary. It is interesting to note that one of the ingredients is used to improve digestion and absorption.

By all testing accounts, Hgh Plus™ is a powerful and safe formula for men and women of various ages and backgrounds. Results were powerful and consistent.

Thus by all measurable accounts, the product seemed to have produced the secondary result of increased absorption and reduction of gut permeability.)

4. Hormonal irregularity. Women in particular are more prone to hormonal irregularity due to the complex nature of their hormonal systems. It is an accepted fact that the average length of time to regulate and balance the hormone system is three (3) months. It is a testament to the product's effectiveness that hormonal regulation, as evidenced by the increase in Somatomedin C, occurred within this time period.

Biomarkers were also noted in this Clinical Trial, though not the major focus. Biomarkers are measurable biological signs of aging. They relate to "physiological" age, not chronological age of the individual. For example, a person who was born in 1949 would be chronologically speaking, 50 years of age in 1999. However, their biomarkers indicate that their system is acting as if it were (hormonally secreting like a) 75 or 80 years of age. Individuals in this Clinical Trial involving the product, Hgh Plus™, lost weight, saw a stabilization of blood pressure, improved their cholesterol/HDL ratio and reduced their insulin sensitivities - all anti-aging biomarkers.

Subjective reports included increase of energy and strength, stabilization of sleep patterns, improved mood, enhanced libido and reduced facial wrinkles.

On average, patients reported on average 8.28 noted benefits while using this product.

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