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Unable to lose weight. . . Tired all the time. . . Look older than your age?

I have had the privilege of treating 1000s of patients from all walks of life for over 25 years.

Over this time it became apparent that you want to feel younger, look great, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Feeling tired, overweight, or sluggish is no way to live.

Working with all types of people like you allowed me to gather the hands-on experience to develop a safe and powerful herbal anti-aging formula known as Dr. Orman's Doc Wellness Formula™ designed to help you balance your system, empower your overall energy levels and get you feeling great again.

I am passionate about and live the Active Wellness lifestyle that I promote and teach. I run marathons, teach martial arts and live a passionate, active life. I am most eager to assist you in reaching your highest levels of Wellness possible. Aren't you ready yet?

When it comes to natural health care, I excel.

Now, so will you.

Dr. David Orman, Hgh Plus developer, Doc Wellness Formula


Benefits For You

BY NOW, you may have noticed there is something about hormonal balancing and HGH that captures your attention. Perhaps it is the long list of safe and desired benefits you can receive, such as:

  • fat loss, even stubborn, hard to lose fat
  • muscle improvement
  • immunity enhancement, so needed in today's world
  • more energy
  • greater libido
  • and other anti-aging qualities

Maybe it is the fact that such statements are backed by impressive research studies published in prestigious medical journals. Or is it that you really want to have access to something that makes you look and feel our very best regardless of age.

When you purchase your Doc Wellness Formula, you receive a trusted doctor-developed, clinically proven, anti aging formula with a celebrated history of being safe and powerful. Along with this premiere product, you have access to Dr. David Orman, a highly respected leader in the fields of Natural Medicine.

With your purchase, you now have the opportunity to recreate your body, your health and your life.

Doc Wellness Formula, formerly Hgh Plus

Why Doc Wellness Formula

Hgh Plus

Doc Wellness Formula is a liquid formula, the most absorbable form. Blending unique, healing herbs with powerful amino acids and other natural ingredients, this formula allows your body to produce optimal amounts of HGH. This is the only formula using the powerful processing method called Alpha Trisequelene, which allows for even greater absorption and thus, greater impact on your body. Bottom line. . . this is your formula!

Dr. Orman's formula is the most trusted best selling formula and one of the very few formulas clinically tested to be Safe and Effective for both men and women of various ages. While other formulas claim to have "ingredients have been proven effective," it means their formula wasn't tested.

How can you be confident in choosing a formula? What ingredients must be included and which must be avoided? What times are ideal for taking a formula?

Go to the Guidelines Page for detailed information. Feel great about your choice after reading this.


Clinical trials and Safety Data are needed to prove effectiveness. You have the assurance of safety and effectiveness with Doc Wellness Formula ™ as noted by the impressive Clinical Trials and Safety Data, as well as Testimonials from so many satisfied customers.

Get started now!

Why Us

As you noticed by now, we are a people-oriented group. We are not driven by hard sales pressure or fake "Hgh Review" sites, only a passion for helping you achieve the results you deserve.

We live the lifestyle that we promote and will work with you to improve your health. Dr. Orman has worked with literally 1000s of patients over the years and brings this experience and expertise to this product and to you, our customers

You matter, and we will go out of our way to help you achieve your health desires.


Be Aware

We also know how to protect you. For example, we never use a substance like GABA in our product. Nor would we improperly use Astragalus. Dr. Orman is an expert in this area and knows that substances like GABA lowers IQ and Astragalus should only be used if there are no pathogens present. Did other sites mention this?

These are just 2 of the MANY examples.


"I care about customers and will work with them to be sure they are protected and achieve the results they are looking for." - Dr. David Orman


It takes an expert in herbal and nutritional medicine to provide such important, health improving answers. Even manufacturers and other companies are coming to Dr. Orman to seek information about herbs and other nutrition. So should you!


Doc Wellness Formula, formerly Hgh Plus

Our Site

Our site is like our formula - truthful and to the point. We did not spend a fortune on advertising. Our investment went to you, our customers, and your product. We rather invest in you.

We live by a high standard of ethics and integrity and it is reflected in our product, our results from thousands of satisfied customers and our exemplary history.

Everything we have about our product is posted on our site, from ingredients to clinical trials to unsolicited testimonials. We earned trust from thousands by being helpful and ethical, and will continue.


Doc Wellness Formula™ Summary

  • Only formula which features powerful, health improving herbs as the major ingredients.
  • Clinical Trials and Safety data, ensuring it is effective and safe for you.
  • Doctor-developed, based on decades of working hands-on with patients, not a sterile lab.
  • Backed by guarantee


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Doc Wellness Formula, formerly Hgh Plus

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